Stop the Track


stop the track


Thank You

Dear guy with the most amazing butt I’ve ever seen,

Thank you for the 20 minutes I was staring unflinchingly and remorselessly at your lovely lady lumps.

The Madame

Aftermath: A Distorted View of America and Why Seceding Can’t Succeed

Aftermath: A Distorted View of America and Why Seceding Can’t Succeed

“Of course any of the other aforementioned states could, in an act of treason, secede by force to become the world’s newest impoverished nations. Not only are the majority of blue states the most populous, they are also the states with the most wealth, and with that comes the most taxes. And those blue states’ taxes pave their roads, turn on their street lights, run their schools, and make their water drinkable.”

I’m dyingggggggggggggggggggggg



My Republican, Mitt Romney-voting, 50-year old Texan mother in Dallas has been vegan for 11 months. Now, of her own volition (without any suggestion from me), she tells me that she is doing one raw vegan day per week. (!!)

Also, her (PennMed- and HarvardMed-educated) general practitioner and specialist doctors have taken her off all FIVE of her high blood pressure and water retention medications.

For the first time in 12 years, she is medication-free and feels better than she has ever felt.

~Le BAM~